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Pinup, Rockabilly & Noir

Devil In Disguise Pinup was founded in 2014 by Angela Lexow.    I've always loved antique stores and junk shops. My grandparents owned an antique store for years and I remember exploring their house full of unique items.  I LOVE jewelry and especially unique and vintage pieces.  Devil in Disguise combines my love of jewelry and vintage  -I have Pinup, Rockabilly,  Hollywood Glamour, Dia de los Muertos, and a little Halloween-Noir. 

I carry custom items that are mostly one of a kind.  I use new and vintage beads and if I have enough I will occasionally make more than 1 of an item. If you see something you like - buy it! I may not have more!  I am always happy to custom make something for you!  Contact me for more information! 

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